Monday, July 10, 2006

Meeting Five!

Saturday, July 8 on the lower east side of the HDC

Meeting five turned out to be the best yet. Everyone had happy tummies and smart smiles. Best day of my life. Hot Dogs!

Hot Dog Club Members in Attendance: Ben Mcquillan
Hot Dogs Style(s) Available: krautdogs
Available Condiments: sauerkraut, mustard,
Other Foods Available: Licorice
Total Hot Dogs Consumed: 2
Average Number of Hot Dogs per Member in Attendance: approximately 2
Brand of Hot Dogs: Yves Veggie Cuisine
Number of Cats in Attendance: none
Number of Cats Eaten by Hot Dogs: 2
Variety of Sandwich Eaten by Jackyl Gillespie: n/a
Amount of Cheese on His Sandwich: not sure
Average Feeling of Satiation Post-Hot Dogs (1-10): 9ish
Number of Serious Talks Between People Under Ten: zero
Number of Attendees Frightened: nearly all

Let's get staaarrrrted!

Startin' the event off with a little staring contest. Nothing works up an appetite more. What's up dogs?

Moving on to a little channel surfin. Now this was a lot of fun. Those of us who attended will always remember this moment.

Thanks for the smoke dogs!

All this fun made me a little tuckered...time for an official Hot Dogs Club Nap (HDCN)!

So much fun I almost forgot to eat. Sorry Dogs.


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