Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hot Dogs Club Meeting Six!

Hot Dog Club Members in Attendance: Alisa Heinzman, Mathias Svalina, Ashley Payne
Hot Dogs Style(s) Available: hot dogs
Location: Platte River State Park
Available Condiments: ketchup, mustard, pickle relish
Other Foods Available: chips, potato; chips, torilla; hummus; pita; potato salad; cherries; tofu kabobs; yo-go
Total Hot Dogs Consumed: between 6 & 8
Average Number of Hot Dogs per Member in Attendance: approximately 2-2.66
Brand of Hot Dogs: Yves Veggie Cuisine
Number of Cats in Attendance: wildcats
Number of Cats Eaten by Hot Dogs: wildcats
Variety of Sandwich Eaten by Jackyl Gillespie: burger
Amount of Cheese on His Sandwich: cheddar
Average Feeling of Satiation Post-Hot Dogs (1-10): intoxicated
Number of Serious Talks Between People Under Ten: zero
Number of Attendees Frightened: none
Number of Attendees Afflicted by Poisonous Plants: one

Throw another hot dogs on that fire, will 'ya?

Almost done!

Did somebody order a cheeseglove?! 'Cause it's ready!!!

It ain't camping without a delicious hot dogs!


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