Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hot Dog Club Meeting 7.5: Hepburn

Alternate Location: Rebecca Hepburn's swanky pad.
Alternate Weekday: Tuesday
Hot Dog Club Members in attendance: Becca Hepburn, Ben McQuillan, Elisabeth Reinkordt, Anderson Reinkordt, Annie Wilkins, Patrick Wilkins, Jane McDonald, Jen Champoux, Ashley Payne
Hot Dog Toppings: Salsa (2 kinds), Black Beans, Chili (heated in a clay pot in the oven), Sauerkraut (in a can), Avocados, Mustard, Ketchup (organic), Cheese
Other Accoutrements: Tortilla Chips, BBQ Chips, Ridgie Potato Chips
Fave Non-Hot Dog Combo: Dipping Potato Chips in Sauerkraut
Result of said Combo: Extreme Bowel Movements
Total Hog Dogs Consumed: at least 16
Average per member: 1.8 on the low end
Brand of Hot Dogs: Smart Dogs and Yves Veggie Cuisine
Entertainment Provided by Patrick Wilkins: Microcosmos
Reaction to Microcosmos: stupor/fascination
Anthropomorphism: Definitely
Bicycles in Becca's Yard: yes
Number of Attendees with Genitalia Resembling Hot Dogs: 1/3
Lorena Bobbit?: No, thankfully
Number of Attendees Riding Downtown to "Dance": 4
Number of Attendees on Blue Cruisers: 2
Number of Attendees on Blue Cruisers Biking Downtown: Zero
Number of Awesome: 24

Some pretty ladies in the kitchen

What a spread


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we have lots pf hot dog carts for sale

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